Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BrightBuilt at GreenBuild

None other than Bensonwood's fearless leader, Tedd Benson, was the Keynote Speaker (along with Kevin O'Connor of This Old House and Steve Kieran of Kieran Timberlake Architects) at this year's GreenBuild event in Boston last week. The special track was specifically for Green Homebuilders and within this track, Tedd also led another seminar called "Extreme Green", in which he talked at length about a number of Bensonwood's cutting-edge projects, including - of course - The BrightBuilt Barn.

The picture you see here from the Main Event is of Tedd in the midst of giving a truly inspirational speech to 800+ attendees. Many people  after the event relayed to me how much they were moved by his words. Include me in that bunch. And yes, that is BBB on the big screen in the background. Pretty cool, all around.
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