Thursday, February 21, 2008

BBB Delivery Timeline

As of now the Bright Built Barn project is grappling with delivery dates and a tight time frame. The latest news is that the Duo-Guard delivery did not and will not happen as originally scheduled for delivery; which was the first or second week of February. Thus, this has delayed the window and building delivery dates from Thermotech and Bensonwood. Not to mention the other complications. In short, Bright Built Barn won’t be delivered until middle of April.

To break it down from the beginning of the year. KTA and Bensonwood worked back and forth to finalize designs, it was a great effort and collaboration between the two teams. At the same time Thermotech, Bensonwood, and KTA were back and forth on finalizing window sizes. After a lot of communication and order changes a window contract was finalized late January. Unfortunately Thermotech just submitted a change of order early last week to Duo-Guard which in turn has caused a delay to the delivery of the Nano-Gel polycarbonate sheets. And as it usually operates, any company that works on scheduling and forecasting delivery dates of a product has a lead time to an order. As of last week Duo-Guard was operating on a 6-8 week delivery time. However, a phone call from Phil to Dave Miller, President of Duo-Guard, saved the date… as best as it could. Dave Miller expressed a sincere interest in the project and has assured us he will expedite the delivery of the Nano-Gel. So we can expect a delivery date at the latest by Mar. 17th or possibly sooner, Mar. 10th. Thermotech is in construction progress, with the glass arriving this week and the frames soon to be painted we can expect them to finish their part when the Nano-Gel arrives. Once it reaches Thermotech’s shop in Ottawa we are looking at another 2 to 3 weeks at the most for Thermotech to install D.G. and ship the finished windows to Bensonwood. From what I know of BWC, they will remain flexible to insert the construction process into their schedule as soon as they have the windows. If all goes accordingly we are forecasting a project delivery sometime between early to mid April. Although, we are pushing the date closer to warmer weather we are keeping our fingers crossed that we won’t get pushed back any further. We are trying to avoid the mud season which potentially could raise a whole new set of issues, such as driveway work and snow removal.

This is where we stand as of now. To date this has been a great collaboration on all teams involved. Bright Built is truly on a “forward” approach to evolving the discourse between research and application. Much patience and interest on all invested in the project has kept it moving ahead and breaching the seam that divides all parties. Keep on Keeping on.
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