Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big Push

Keith and Mary's dream is just days away from becoming a reality. Alan Gibson and his team are pushing to get the remaining (major) items crossed off his list before the weekend. Keith and Mary welcome Tedd Benson and a group of his Timberframer colleagues up this weekend for a tour.

Some of the final items are the lighting, deck, fixtures and various minor finish details. 
They were installing the 'light skirt' yesterday, preparing for the colored LED fixtures to go in. Our lighting designer, Greg 
Day of DayMatero Studio, and the LED systems supplier, Steve Barlock of Visible Light, will be 
up Friday to do some fine tuning.

The heat pump is in and all systems will be fired up this week as well. Although fairly imposing, the exterior portion of the heat pump will be such an efficient contributor to the comfort of the space that it's well worth it. After all, 
removing a furnace from a year-round structure in Maine necessarily involves a couple trade-offs. 

Alan's craftsmanship has been excellent and Keith and Mary's patience with this truly groundbreaking project has been pretty exceptional as well.
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Penny said...

Will you be having a public tour of this beautiful building this fall? Penny G.

pkaplan said...

Yes, we will! Where are you located? Please submit your info on our main page, www.brightbuiltbarn.com, and we'll let you know when it will be happening.

Also, look for it in a forthcoming issue of Maine Home and Design in the spring.