Thursday, June 26, 2008


BBB is projected to produce approximately this amount of power per month.

Month AC Energy (kWh)

Jan 587
Feb 687
Mar 796
Apr 734
May 762
Jun 712
Jul 770
Aug 761
Sep 706
Oct 631
Nov 455
Dec 463

Total 8062
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1 comment:

SKC said...

Michael's projections show an average of 672 kWh production per month over the year, or approximately 22.4 kWh per day. The average American family of four uses approximately 30 kWh per day in a conventionally constructed house. In the highly efficient BrightBuilt construction, 22 kWh should be more than ample.

In fact, we expect to produce a significant surplus in electricity, which we will use to pay back the energy debt we incurred in the building process.