Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Barn-Raising" Set for Week of July 7

We seem to have a firm date for the delivery of the offsite-fabricated structural panels from Bensonwood - they are due to arrive onsite July 7.

Assembly of the pre-constructed panels into the unfinished Barn will take approximately one week.

Those in the Rockport area are welcome to watch the "barn-raising" (accomplished with cranes - no bystanders will be pressed into service :-) ). [The picture above is of an old-fashioned Amish barn-raising, and has nothing to do with how BrightBuilt Barn will look or be constructed - apologies for my offbeat sense of humor.]

Those following progress from afar will be able to see pictures and video on the Barn website.

At long last, BrightBuilt Barn will fulfill our promise to make it a built structure, not just a design study.

Stay tuned for more developments.
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