Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time to Tell the World!

With site delievery drawing near, we have been talking about ways to get the word out about this exciting project and along with our client, have decided to bring on a PR firm to help us reach out to media and other promotional outlets. After meeting with several well qualified firms, we knew we had found the right fit with the folks at Dwell Creative (www.dwellcreative.com) - a PR and Advertising firm based here in Portland with a focus on promoting socially and environmentally responsible businesses/products/ideas. Their clients are from around the country and the world, and we think it is very cool to now be one of them.

Our PR effort will be multi-pronged, pitching to local media as well as national, and to web based media as well as better known print publications. We are also just as interested in getting the word out to the mainstream press and readership, as we are in targeted industry publications - as Keith would say, the goal of this project is to create ripples - to let others learn from our successes and ..... less than successes, so that ultimately we can all get closert to changing the way we build and tackle the creation of a sustainable future.

We are also looking forward to several special events once the barn begins to go up: barn raising; ribbon cutting; first time the mood ring lights go on - all great opportunities to get folks out to see the project. Perhaps Keith will begin an annual open house day when the public is invited to come for educational tours about this house and the technologies it demonstrates. Sky's the limit!
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