Thursday, March 6, 2008

Duo-Guard Obstacle

Duo-Guard panels too large to be filled with Nano-Gel insulation product raises a new obstacle. Unfortunately Duo-Guard was unaware of the size limitations on filling their panels with Nano-Gel. They send their panels to Cabot who fills them with the Nano-Gel and they can only fill panels up to 109" and our panels are 123". In order not to delay the project any further our only option is to have them divided. Whether we divide down the middle or off to the center is to be determined (see images). In any event the unit will remain one with a single vertical mullion and won't affect the wall framing or pan detailing. We don't prefer splitting the panels but we are not left with many choices. Although, the options our limited we may have one other opportunity to be further explored. Attached are the images showing what our options would look like.

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