Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday November 14, 2007

The blog is up! With a wiki site and a basecamp to our credit, and produdction mere months away, our blog is now up and running and ready to tell the world about the project we are undertaking here in Maine.

Here's what has been happening lately:

Tedd Benson spoke at the Maine USGBC monthly breakfast program, Green Eggs, and gave an interesting presentation titled A Higher Standard of Design and Construction through Open Building and Element Prefabrication. The talk was well attended and well received and Tedd spent some time before and after meeting with us here at the office to discuss progress on the BrightBuilt Barn.

On the production front, folks at Bensonwood and here at KTA are working away at final drawings. The building will go into production at the Bensonwood shop by January, if not sooner and be delivered to the site in February for assembly in March. Phil, Alan and Mary Collins met on site yesterday to stake the site and talk about some details.

In short, the project now has a life of its own and is moving forward!
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