Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Even More Great Press!

We are honored to be the cover story for Maine's newest home design magazine, Maine Home + Design. The folks at MH+D have been following this project's progress since its inception and were thrilled to finally showcase the beautiful finished product. Also this month, the project is featured in an article in Smart HomeOwner Magazine.

Maine Home + Design

Smart HomeOwner
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Patricia said...

I just saw the article in Maine Home and Design and I love the idea of Bright Barns!!! I am an artist living in Belfast and I have a blog about art and cake where I also like to showcase great ideas like your....may I put a link to your website on my blog and if possible a jpg of the barn...see the right hand column on the blog for my showcased items. Looking forward to hearing from you,
Patricia Shea

Robin said...

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for your comments. We would be delighted to have you link to our site on your blog and to include a picture of the BrightBuilt Barn. I enjoyed perusing your lovely blog and am even inspired to try my hand at a sugary delight - the Whim Wham looked challenging but well worth the effort! Hope you continue to follow our progress - perhaps we will have a BrightBuilt Barn in the Belfast area one of these days!

All the Best, Robin

Kim said...

Great to see you getting so much publicity - I found you through E magazine. If you don't mind I'd like to include Naomi Beal's interior photo on my design blog: I will credit her and provide a link to your main site.

Thank you.