Sunday, December 28, 2008

German PassivHaus Construction Similar to BrightBuilt

Yesterday's New York Times contained an article on German "PassivHaus" construction; you can read it here:

Passive Houses use superinsulation and strict air tightness to reduce the heating energy requirements of a building by 70% - 90%. BrightBuilt Barn has used some of these same concepts to create its own approach to sustainability.

The Wikipedia entry explaining the history and background of Passive Houses is here:

The PassivHaus concept grew out of a collaboration in the late 1980s and early 1990s between two professors of architecture, Professor Bo Adamson of Sweden and Dr. Wolfgang Feist of Germany. Over time, their ideas were codified into a standard of building performance, as described on this English-language page of the PassivHaus Institut's webpage (most of which is in German):

The UK branch of the PassivHaus movement has an English-language website with more information here:

It's gratifying to see advanced but pragmatic approaches to sustainability in building design and construction begin to get recognition in the mainstream press.
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