Friday, September 19, 2008

Naomi's New Photos

Alan and his team are making great progress. Most of the interior finish boards are in. The cool part is that this can happen before the electricians are finished with their work. This is a true mark of a disentangled building.

Keith, Alan, his electricians (Kevin and David), and Myself worked out the footswitch details, based on Brian Lazarus' prototype (below). There will be no actual light switches on the walls, but instead we'll have integral, clickable plates at various locations along the face of the base chase. This will not only keep the walls pristine, but also easily allow for future changes in switch location if walls are ever moved or added. They will be LED-backlit and just proud of the faceof the baseboard for visibility, and proportioned so that a simple push from the foot, even from the side, will activate them.

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djennings3 said...

Wow! Congratulations on a great project which seems to be progressing well.

Since one of the project goals is education, I wonder if and how you plan to disseminate the information on the construction details (like the mechanical chases and other openbuilt aspects, not to mention the minimization of thermal bridges).

Take care,

RyanPratt said...

Can you tell us a little more about the floor switch. I would love to see more, sounds like a great idea in concept. Interested in the implementation and longevity of the placement.

pkaplan said...

There is some information currently part of the press kit, especially an informative wall section. We plan on expanding on this available info as BrightBuilt goes into production in January 2009.

We'll be putting together a video of BrightBuilt in early December to further describe the building in detail, so stay tuned!

pkaplan said...

I'll do an upcoming posting of the floor switch, but know that we've settled on stock, heavy-duty Lutron switches, which really do the trick. The goal was to use off-the-shelf materials if possible, so for now, we're putting aside the custom ones and using these, with the option of remote dimmers.