Friday, August 1, 2008

MIT Scientists Discover Cheaper Way to Produce Hydrogen from Solar Energy

In the July 31 issue of the premiere scientific journal Science, a team of MIT scientists reveal a new method of producing hydrogen from electricity. This new method uses cobalt and phosphorus, both being abundant and widely available minerals, to dramatically lower the energy required to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The proposed application of this technology is to store energy from solar electric panels for use during the hours when the sun isn't shining. The scientists suggest that this will make it feasible for each household to produce its own energy, with no need for the present system of transmission lines from central power generators. The household will use solar energy directly during the day, and use the stored hydrogen energy at night, in a fuel cell or other hydrogen powered energy generator.

The scientists predict that the technology could be in widespread use within 10 years.

A link to the MIT News Office release is here:
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