Wednesday, July 16, 2008

56 Hours

One of the remarkable differences between conventional construction and the Barn's offsite construction method is the speed of the build.

On Monday morning, July 7, the barn was still just a hole in the ground, as it had been since the foundation was laid last November.

At 11:15 AM that day, the truck arrived with the first of the structural panels from Bensonwood. By 7:15 PM on Wednesday, July 9, we had a complete weathertight shell in place.

Floor, walls, roof, windows, doors - all assembled in just 56 hours from start to finish. (Actually, since no work was performed at night, it was only 32 working hours.)

Contrast that with the weeks it would take to attain the same result with conventional construction.

Check out the pictures below to see the process unfolding.

Having seen it in person, I'm now a believer - this needs to be the future of homebuilding.
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